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Frog Peak – What’s In A Name – A Great Little Cafe

November 8th, 2012

In mid Fall while driving “off the beaten track” in the Kootenays (before the snow flies), a cafe with the quirky name of  Frog Peak, was recommended to us near the intersection of  highways 3A and  6 as having the best panini and eggs “benny” in the Slocan Valley. So on a sunny Sunday morning we turned brunch into a “family affair” and  I think we knew it would be a good experience before we entered when we heard one of our favourite Fleetwood Mac tunes floating out the open windows.








Welcome ~ always a good sign


























The cafe had an extensive menu including a kids menu and choices for vegetarians, with compact seating inside for approximately 20 people. The cafe also appeared to have a large number of “take out”  customers and at one time, during a sudden rush, the order line went out the door.   The food was very tasty and we all thoroughly enjoyed our respective meals.  A bonus :  it’s one of the most kid friendly restaurants we have been to in a long time. Outside, beside the cafe was a lovely eating area and seating for Nanna and Poppa (or Dad and Mum) to dine and /or watch the children play.

Outside dining

Outside dining and kids play area

Maybe its a Kootenay “thing” but the service at Frog Peak Cafe was fast and efficient for a busy Sunday, the staff were very friendly and happy, and all our food orders were very tasty! We recommend taking a trip off the highway to find Frog Peak ~ another Kootenay business named after a mountain.  It’s easy to find ~ when driving north on Highway 6 to Nakusp the cafe is located approximately 2Km north of the intersection of 3A and 6. Stopping at the Frog Peak Cafe is a recommended way to spend your time along the way.  A “fun” experience!

A very happy meal

A very happy meal ~ and tasty!

After brekkie or brunch keep driving north on the highway to visit Nakusp Hot Springs – taking time to view the fantastic scenery along the way and the towns of Winlaw and Slocan, which is located at the southern end of Slocan Lake. The road continues north to New Denver and then easterly to Nakusp.  If you are a keen motorcyclist heading back to Nelson via Kaslo is a great circle tour.

There is lots to see and do in this incredible part of our picturesque province.  Safe travels.

Slocan River

Slocan River ~ just across the road

Don’t Litter ~ Dont’ drown
(A Slocan River Sign cautioning fisherpersons and canoeists)

A puzzle:

The Slocan River had a row of old wooden pylons right down the middle of the river for many miles and we wondered what their purpose would have been – something to do with logging perhaps?

Quick Poppa ~ let's go outside and play

Quick Poppa ~ let’s go outside and play

Links and References :



…. and a dog lover’s sign …

Dogs welcome - Slocan Lake beach

Dogs welcome ~ Slocan Lake beach



by Liz

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  1. Posted November 16, 2012 at 5:07 am | Permalink

    thankyou for your wonderful comments about our cafe! hope to see you again!

    • Liz
      Posted November 16, 2012 at 4:13 pm | Permalink

      We sure plan to – great place and great food. Thanks, Liz

One thought on “news from happy customers!

  1. Wendy Morin

    I have been a couple of times! Love the atmosphere and the people, not to mention the delicious food! When ever we are in the area we make a point of stopping in for lunch.

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