Our beehive is doing great!

The bees job over the winter is to take care of their queen. They create heat as a cluster and make sure she has everything she needs ❤️❤️❤️ If you would like to know more about the Bee Awareness Society, please visit https://westkootenaybeekeepers.ca/bee-awareness-society/ #bees #beekeeping #savethebees


STOLEN! Two of our cruiser bikes were stolen from the Cafe before the weekend. One is black, the other is white. They both have “Frog Peak Free Bike” stickers on them. We would love it if they could be returned so that everyone can enjoy them. Please share 

Floating season is upon us!

Floating season is upon us! Be a part of the solution! Help protect our river ❤  Slocan Riverwatch mesh bags are available for $5 at the Frog Peak Cafe. These reusable bags are perfect for holding full cans, empty cans and anything else you have with you on your float! All proceeds from purchases will go towards making new bags!

Slocan Riverwatch is a non-profit society made up of individuals from the local community who are dedicated to keeping the Slocan River and its shores as clean and safe as possible.